Roxana Allison - Photographer

Roxana Allison was born in Manchester and grew up in Mexico City. She uses documentary, portraiture and fine art photography to reflect on themes of migration, identity, memory, belonging and cultural dislocation.

Roxana has exhibited her work widely and received commissions and funding from several institutions such as The University of Nottingham, the University of London and The Embassy of Spain.

In 2013 she was commissioned alongside photographer Pablo Allison by the University of Nottingham to complete Uncovering the Invisible: Portraits of Latin Americans in the UK exhibited at several venues across the UK such as the Cervantes Institute (Manchester), City Hall (London) during the FIFA World Cup 2014, The Old Fire Station as part of Doh Mix Meh Up: Diaspora and Identity in Art curated by Sunil Shah and organised by the Oxford Diasporas Programme (University of Oxford) and at the UNESCO headquarters during the Mobile Learning Week 2015 (Paris). It is scheduled to be exhibited at Lakeside Arts in July-September 2016.

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