Claudio Chipana † - Research Collaborator

Claudio Chipana Gutierrez was born in Peru. He held a degree in Philosophy from the Major National University of San Marcos and a MA in Modern European Studies from The London Metropolitan University. He actively participated in a diverse range of Latin American events on philosophy and recognition as a community in the UK and founded the Centre for Latin American Identity. His work has been published in a variety of magazines across the UK and Peru and was a columnist for the London based Latin American newspaper The Prisma.

Chipana’s interests focused primarily on Latin American thinking, Neomarxism, Latin American identity, critical thinking, globalization and History and Politics in Peru and Latin America. He was a member of the Peru Support Group and the Hegel Society in Great Britain and was the founder of the Philosophic Cafe: Latin American Encounters in London and of the Apurimac Project, a Peruvian charity in London.

He was a Co-Founder of the Latin American Recognition Campaign (LARC) and private teacher of Spanish and Peruvian Culture.

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