Uncovering the Invisible is a photographic collaboration between Pablo and Roxana Allison supported by Professor Catherine Davies. 

To date there are more than 180,000 Latin Americans living in the UK. Uncovering the Invisible focuses on the diversity of backgrounds and life stories behind the people that make up this rich community. While Latin Americans contribute economically and culturally to the shaping of British society, they remain unrecognised as an ethnic minority in law. 

The project is part of Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute's (University of Nottingham) collaboration with Southwark Council implementing new technology. It directly follows a previous exhibition funded by the AHRC/University of Nottingham entitled Empowerment Through Art in which Professor Catherine Davies led the project developing from her research on women’s independence and Latin America under the name of Genderlatam

Uncovering the Invisible was funded by the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute at Nottingham University and supported by The Mayor of London, Queen Mary University of London, Southwark Council, LARC (Latin American Recognition Campaign), CLAUK ( Coalition of Latin Americans in the UK), LAWRS (Latin American Women's Rights Service), Instituto Cervantes and Armadillo Productions.

The exhibition experiments with the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) designed by research fellow Laura Carletti from Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute (University of Nottingham), an emerging technology that allows NFC-enabled mobile phones to access information embedded in smart tags. Exhibition visitors are able to listen to the voices and stories of the people in the photos by tapping their smart phones on the NFC tags attached to each picture.

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